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Setting Stock Prices

The setting of stock prices depends on many factors. It is not a simple process, but instead a complex one which, however, is easy to understand. This article aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the stock price establishment process.

Every stock at the end of the trading day costs a particular amount. Let's take the stock of company X, which has closed at $30. John sees a great potential in the stock and wants to purchase it on the next day. He is interested in its price, but he cannot know for sure how much it will be.


Because during the night many things may happen that can influence the direction of the price. For instance, a major political event may occur. Another factor that can influence the price is a major breakthrough in the field.

Several other events can influence the direction of the price. However, what matters is the price that John is willing and able to pay for the stock. What also matters is the price the seller is willing and able to accept.

Additionally, John is not the only buyer on the market. Besides the political and economic events, stock prices are also influenced by the number of buyers and sellers on the market.

One of the important things to remember is that the price of the stock depends on the willingness of investors to purchase it and the amount they are ready to pay for it. One stock price may seem too high for one investor, whereas for others it may seem as a real bargain. It all depends on the subjective view and judgment of the investor and it is up to him/her to appraise what a reasonable price for a stock is. Once this price is reached, investors can go for it.

Additionally, the wise investor evaluates the company's conditions before embarking on selling the stock when its price is down. Some even take advantage of the falling price and add more to their holdings. They don't let the market insecurity influence their decision on the soundness of the company.

With the experience you gain by trading on the stock market you will become more proficient in establishing what the right stock price is. You will become familiar with many techniques for determining the right and most beneficial stock price. If this price doesn't fir your expectations, you will move to the next stock that meets your financial goals, because they are what matter in the end.

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