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Reading Pro Forma Financial Information

Pro forma financial information is a loose term that refers to any non-standard (non-GAAP) financial information.

Determining Ownership Interest in a Security

Learn about the forms (Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5) you need to check to know if a person or an entity has significant ownership interest in a registered, non-exempt equity security of any class.

Executive Compensation Disclosure

When deciding to invest in a company, find out more about the company executive compensation structure and the components that make up such compensation.

How to Obtain Corporate Reports

Any investor should research and monitor the companies before investing. Find out as much as you can about a company by examining the company’s corporate reports and other significant releases.

Demystifying and Analyzing Financial Statements

Financial statements are the backbone of investment decisions to be a good investor, you must understand and analyze a company’s financial statement.

Researching Companies for Investment Purposes

Researching the company you’re investing in is a crucial and necessary step to investing. This will prevent future problems, including the possibility of being scammed or being drawn in to invest in risky ventures.

Is a Company’s Financial Statement Reliable?

If you are thinking of investing in a company or are already invested in one, you obviously need to know whether or not a company's financial statement is reliable. In other words, can you take the information you find there at face value?

Tips for Researching Investments: Uncovering Analyst Conflicts of Interest

This article will give you some tips on how to uncover analyst conflicts of interest and assess whether they are too big to ignore.

Stock Analysis Software

Your work surrounding researching potential stock candidates have been greatly facilitated by a number of stock analysis solutions.

Stock Screening Advantages

Stock screening will help you narrow down the scope of stock candidates and save you significant time in making cumbersome researches.

Stock Research Tools - Stock Screeners

In order to avoid all of the tedious work required for picking a stock you can select from a number of research tools, which are available over the Internet, such as stock screeners.

Dividends and Stock Analysis

Dividends are very attractive factor that influence the decision about investing in a particular company. Dividend ratios can provide you with information on the performance of the stock.

Stock Screener Traits

When you search for investment candidates it is good to use stock screeners. They facilitate your research by filtering companies by predefined criteria.

Form 10-K and Form 10-Q

When you decide to invest in a particular company you should make a careful research of the target company. However, most investors find it difficult to extract the needed details.

Retail Sales Forecast

Thus, retail sales should be watched since they provide an important indication of the future state of the economy.

Consumer Confidence Index and Consumer Sentiment Index as Research Tools

Both the CCI and CSI should be closely watched by business and used as research tools. This is so, since consumer spending constitutes a big portion of the economy.

Stock Research Sources

The stock field is full of sources that provide information on stock investing and news. However, not all information is reliable and you should be able to filter the information you get.

Full Employment and Consumer Spending Effects on Stocks

The stock market history is full of examples when good news has had a negative effect on the stock market. Such examples are higher consumer spending and full employment.

Potentially Overpriced Google IPO

Google represents one of the most popular search engines in the world. Recently its IPO was expected to hit the extraordinary $3 billion in value.

Positive Predictions on Interest Rates Move the Market

It has been observed that a good news regarding interest rates can compensate and fix the problems created by bad news. One of this news comes from the room of the Fed.

Tools and Researches Offered by the Best Online Stock Trading Sites

One of the services offered by full service brokers, namely researches, has been successfully provided by many online stock trading sites. Additionally, by using such websites investors can benefit from many other tools.