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Investing Advices and Tips

Taking Note of Broker Discussions

When you talk to a broker about buying or selling a security take notes.

Tips for Variable Annuity Investors

Investing in a variable annuity may seem great but variable annuity investments are suited only to certain types of investors. Read on to learn if you fit the profile of a variable annuity investor.

What Investors Need to Know about Arbitration

Before filing an arbitration claim against your brokerage firm, read this article - it will teach you the pros and cons of arbitration and the basic steps of initiating an arbitration procedure.

Investor Information: Finding Legal Help when in Dispute

Whenever you have a dispute with your broker or brokerage firm, you should consult a licensed attorney specializing in securities.

Dispute Resolution for Investors

If investors have a dispute with their broker or brokerage firm, they have two options: judicial dispute resolution and extrajudicial dispute resolution. Find out which resolution method you should use and why.

Bank Demutualization - Frauds to Watch Out For

The following article will introduce you to the most common fraud schemes depositors may encounter during a bank demutualization process and will give you some tips and advices on how to avoid them.

Lost or Stolen Stock Certificate?

Whether you have lost your stock certificate or it has been stolen, you should act promptly to replace your physical certificate in order to prevent any frauds and misuses.

Online Trading - Issues and Solutions

Investors who are trading over the Internet or online need to take additional steps in order to guard themselves against the typical problems of online trading.

Advice on Trading In Fast-Moving Markets

In fast-moving markets prices can change really quickly and investors can rapidly lose a lot of money. This article will provide you with some advices on how to protect yourself from unexpected losses when trading in fast-moving markets.

Investment Opportunities in Times of Financial Crisis

The financial marketplace is now marked with extreme volatility and many investors run away from the stock market. And yet, when real estate and stock markets are going down, this is still equal to both crisis and opportunity.

Invest in Utility Stocks during Recession

Utility stocks are beneficial during difficult economic times since they are typically protected from the negative effects of recession.

Why Price/Cash Flow is Important?

When you study the financial indicators of a company you should not miss the examination of its cash/price flow.

Profit from Dividend Paying Stocks

Many companies are willing and able to pay their shareholders dividends. Aside from the income it provides, dividends offer a relative degree of security.

Simple Stock Selection Tips

Follow these two simple stock selection tips and you will manage to establish a better investment portfolio that corresponds to your financial goals.

Market Leaders and Stock Investing

Many investors tend to bet on small companies which still have not established their names on the market and hope that they will soon catch up with the leaders and even get ahead of them.

How to Select a Winning Company

Look for the signs listed here if you are looking for a company that will provide the next unique product that will lead to great returns.

Stock Attachment Can Blur Our Judgment

Many investors have their favorites among the stocks they possess. However, you should keep in mind that time will come when you will have to say good bye to the stock.

Buy Low - Sell High, Buy High - Sell Higher

Many investors prefer to pay low for a stock and hope that its price will eventually rise. However, they fail to realize that sometimes it is better to pay a higher price for a stock that has the potentials for a future growth.

Stock Market Trends and Signs

In order to become a successful stock market investor you should be able to identify the different signals the market gives you.

Tips on Winning Stock Picks

If you are perspicacious enough you will be even able to spot items that are still not popular enough but have the potential to become market leaders in their sector.

Speculative Derivatives Expiration

Four times each year the speculative derivatives expire at the same time. Since during these days the market can become extremely turbulent, you should pay attention to the market movement during this time of the year.

Shunning Emotions from Stock Investing

Many investors are greatly influenced in their investment decisions by their emotions. No matter how hard they try to turn the investing process in a cold and rational process, emotions still hamper our decision making.

Economic Fundamentals Importance

The stock market implements its efficiency and corrects the prices once good or bad news has been absorbed. More importance is given to inflation, earnings and other factors that have a direct influence on the stock’s price.

Iran Events Might Influence the Stock Market

The recent events surrounding Iran are about to have an impact on the performance of the stock market, so be prepared.

Long-Term Stock Investing Advantages

Many financial experts claim that the longer you keep a stock the more likely you are to achieve your financial goals as compared to traders, who frequently jump from one investment to another.

Take Emotions out of Stock Investment Decisions

Investors that have sustained several losses may experience worsening in their investment judgment. So, the key to avoiding such situations includes the establishment of a plan of action before embarking on investing.

The Best Investment Style for Your Financial Objectives

When you embark on stock investing you should first define your financial objectives. The latter should determine your investment style in order to get the desired results.

Long-Term Rewards of Stock Investing

Stock investing provides investors with good returns over the long term. However, it is connected with a certain degree of risk you should be aware of.

Business Fundamentals vs Management Quality

The question business fundamentals vs. management quality importance is a controversial one. Many claim that management quality is more important than the fundamentals of the business, whereas others completely disagree.

Deep Debt Considerations

Many people fail to reasonably take an account of how much they spend and thus fall into deep debt. However, besides people, some companies are committing the same mistake.

Tangible Goals Motivate Investing

Many investors are unmotivated to set a particular number as a target for return on particular stock. If you are one of those people that are not fond of setting numbers, you may focus on specifics that may incite your enthusiasm.

Warren Buffet - Investing with Intelligence and Patience

Warren Buffet is one of the luminaries in the stock investing world. Even though Buffett’s net worth is now around $42 billion, he made his first steps by forming a partnership and investing as little as $100.

Avoiding Bad Stock

Most investors often fall in the simple trap of believing someone who tells them that a particular stock is the next winning bet. However, you should be very cautious and try to avoid bad stocks, which only look profitable but are financially hollow.

Stock Protection Options while You are Away

Never forget about your stocks when you are away on your vacation and use the available options to provide for the sufficient level of protection.

Stock Diversification Tips

Diversification alleviates the risk in your portfolio and improves its performance. However, it is worth noting that there is not just one way of diversification.

Stock Buyback Benefits to Shareholders

The next time your company announces a stock buyback, look carefully at the numbers that the company offers. This is required in order to interpret the reasons for the repurchase and to see whether it is for your benefit or not.

Stock Market Returns Pitfalls

In order to achieve good financial results, you should stick to the purchase of quality stocks. The latter should meet your financial goals ignoring the statements of the potential 10% stock market returns.

How to Avoid Pump and Dump Scams

If somebody promises you quick and huge returns from the purchase of a particular stock, be very cautious because you may fall in the common scam that is referred to as “pump and dump”.