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Choosing an Investment Professional

Always check the background, reputation, credibility, and track record of a firm or an individual investment professional before you deal with it or him.

Brokerage Account Opening: Things to Do and Remember

After choosing a brokerage firm, you need to open a brokerage account before you can start trading securities. This article will present you the things you should do before you open an account with any brokerage firm.

How to Transfer Your Brokerage Account Smoothly

Transferring your brokerage account from one firm to another may take two to three weeks … if there are no unnecessary delays and impediments. This article will show you how to avoid any delays and transfer your brokerage account smoothly.

Things to Consider When Opening a Brokerage Account

There are a few things that you should consider before you sign the new account agreement and open a brokerage account in order to ensure that you make the right decisions.

Regulatory Bodies of the Securities Industry

The stock market is guarded from the complicated con schemes by a complex regulatory system. You should know whom to address if you feel that a company or a broker is having an unethical behavior.

Stockbroker Commission Structures

When deciding on the type of broker to serve your trading activities, you should consider whether the selected broker will fit your investing habits and needs. Brokers have different commission structures depending on the scope of services they offer to their clients.

Financial Advisor Compensation - Fees and Commission

Financial advisors can be categorized by the professional designations they possess and the types of reward structures they require in return to their services.

Types of Brokerage Accounts

Now that you have decided to use the services of a broker, it is time to make your mind about the type of brokerage account you will open.

Stock Broker Categories

Internet provides vast amounts of information to which most individual investors have a free access. As a result not only the amount of information available to investors has increased, but also the range of brokers from which investors can choose.

Certified Financial Planner Designations

You may find it difficult to qualify a certain individual as a financial advisor or a financial planner, since most states don’t have specific regulations directed toward such identification. Nevertheless, there are several criteria in order to designate someone as a certified financial planner.

Financial Advisor Job Description

Many investors lack the time and sometimes the knowledge encompassing the stock picking activities or the setting of a successful investment portfolio. In such a case the services of a financial advisor can be extremely valuable.

Discount Stock Brokers vs Full Service Brokers

In the past it was easy to divide stock brokers into either full service or discount ones. Now it is difficult to categorize brokers into separate classes, but still, you should be able to distinguish them according to the types of services they provide.