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Financial Advisor Job Description

Many investors lack the time and sometimes the knowledge encompassing the stock picking activities or the setting of a successful investment portfolio. In such a case the services of a stock broker can be extremely valuable, not only because this is their occupation, but also because they possess knowledge and experience needed for success in the field.

Financial Advisor Functions

When you start working with a financial advisor, information on both your liabilities and incomes will be required so that a comprehensive analysis of your situation can be done. This information will also serve as a yardstick against which your potentials for achieving a particular goal can be measured.

Financial Advisor Advantages

One of the services of financial advisors is to construct a comprehensive view of your financial status. On the basis of this your weaknesses and strengths will be identified.

Financial advisors also provide objective view of your financial situation that lacks whatsoever emotional shade. Emotions are one of the factors that often hinder people's clear assessment of their financial position and thus hamper their ability to achieve their financial goals.

Financial advisors can also give you sound recommendations on your asset allocation. Since it is not excluded that you may encounter conflict of goals, your advisor may assist you in the allocation of resources in the most efficient way so that both goals are achieved.

Financial advisors also provide very useful guidelines regarding taxation issues of different investments. In this way you will benefit from advices regarding minimizing taxes and ending up with more money for investment.

Other services that are offered by most financial advisors include:

  • Different types of insurances (e.g. life, disability, medical and etc.)
  • Different types of retirement accounts (e.g. 401k, IRAs and etc.)
  • Tax services
  • Education financing accounts for children and many others.

The end result of your collaboration with the financial advisor will be a financial plan toward the achievement of your investment goals.

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