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Year End Tax Planning and Portfolio Considerations

The passing by of each year requires some considerations to be made regarding your investing activities.

Tax Refund Investment Solutions

You should remember that tax refund doesn’t represent a special award, but just you are getting the money you have paid back. If the tax refund is of significant amount, consider the option of reinvesting it.

The Simplified US Tax Code Proposals

The Simplified Income Tax Plan has made some changes in the tax code that would have an influence on the investment decisions of investors.

Tax-Free Investments

There are some ways in which you can legally minimize the tax burden you have to carry when you make an investment. There are certain investments that free form taxes and this article aims to familiarize you with these options.

Stock Tax Implications

You should educate yourself on how to manage your tax liabilities in the most efficient way so that you keep your stock tax bill to the lowest level possible.

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Tax Benefits

If you are looking for a tax-deferred or tax-free investment tool to use within your retirement plan, IRAs may be the right choice for you.