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Year End Tax Planning and Portfolio Considerations

The passing by of each year requires some considerations to be made regarding your investing activities. There are basically three things you should consider before you enter the next year.

They are as follows:

Dealing with Taxes

Taxes represent one of the most unpleasant aspects investors should deal with since they eat up their profits. So, a careful planning is needed. It is recommended that you examine your winning and losing stocks. A good tactic may be to offset your capital gains by the capital losses you have incurred. This is allowed by law, so you should not be worried about potential legal prosecutions.

If you have sold a stock that has provided you with a significant gain, it may be a good idea to dump a losing stock so that you can offset the gains from the winning stock. So, examine the fundamentals of the company that has issued the losing stock. If you think that no gains can be extracted from it in the future, the time has come to get rid of it and offset the capital gains you have acquired before the year ends.

However, it is recommended that you refer to your tax advisor in order to get the most appropriate advice relevant for your financial situation.

Portfolio Considerations

  • Portfolio Rebalance

    Generally, your investment portfolio will undergo different changes throughout the year. When you establish it, you have set certain proportions regarding the different asset classes. You should examine the proportion of stocks to bonds to cash to see whether any imbalances have occurred. Additionally, you should look within the asset classes to check for any imbalances that may expose you to unwanted higher risk levels.

  • Investment Discipline

    If your investment portfolio has been successful during this year, apply the necessary discipline to keep it that way or make it even more successful during the following year. Stock market is characterized by uncertainty of what the next day will bring you but that shouldn't stop you from looking for new investment opportunities for your portfolio.

  • Renovate Your Investment Plan

    Since you are starting a new year, you may have new needs and wants. This may require a new plan for action or just some adjustments to the old one. You should examine your current lifestyle as well as consider any changes to come in the following year that may require different financial considerations. You should make regular examinations of your situation in order to make the corresponding adjustments to the investment plan.

New Knowledge and Ideas

The stock market is very dynamic. This requires you to make regular refinements to your knowledge. You should check to see whether some new tactics have been invented. Set as a goal the research and analysis of any new strategies that can be applied for making your investment decisions more successful. Additionally, try to fill the gaps in your knowledge concerning any some area you don't feel comfortable with. Read specialized literature in order to become a more educated investor, which will eventually award you with better investment decisions.

Finally, remember that your financial future is in your own hands. Do your homework and enjoy the results that will follow.

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