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Discount Stock Brokers vs. Full Service Brokers

With the increase in the number of services offered on the stock market, the number and types of brokers have also increased. In the past we were able to easily divide stock brokers into either full service or discount ones. Now it is difficult to categorize brokers into separate classes, but still, you should be able to distinguish them according to the types of services they provide.

Discount Brokers

In the past, discount stock brokers played the role of order takers. Today, their functions have evolved into a higher level of services. Discount brokers now provide many professionally done researches in the investment area and offer their clients investment advices.

The fees that discount brokers charge in return to their services are less than those charged by full service brokers. Still, if price is your main criterion for choosing a broker, then you might prefer a deep discount broker. Deep discount brokers charge less than discount brokers. They have substantially improved the services they offer to their clients and now they provide stronger online platforms. Thus, their fees are very reasonable with respect to the services they offer.

Full Service Brokers

Discount brokers may charge less but their advices don't encompass the wideness that is offered by full service stock brokers.

Full service brokers offer their clients a comprehensive portfolio of services. By signing with such a company you can benefit from stock picking and retirement planning services. Additionally, full service brokers provide many additional services that are aimed at the achievement of the investor's particular financial goals.

Final Piece of Advice

When selecting the right broker for you, don't consider only the fees s/he charges. You should have in mind how you can benefit from him/her in terms of providing you with knowledge you lack.

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