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Tangible Goals Motivate Investing

Many investors are unmotivated to set a particular number as a target for return on particular stock. If you are one of those people that are not fond of setting numbers as potential target return, try to set as an objective some other motive that stimulates you toward achieving investment goals.

Most investors' main goal is the construction of a successful retirement plan. So, if you are not excited by numbers you may focus on specifics that may incite your enthusiasm.

You need to establish some tangible goal that will incite your motivation. It should represent your starting point for getting you motivated.

A tangible goal may represent making a tour around the world. However, you will need resources to make it happen. Thus, the around the world journey represents the tangible goal that will get you started in investing for its achievement.

Every hobby you want to have will cost you money. Every pleasure you want to have will cost you money. In other words, nothing comes for free. So, in order to provide yourself with all things that make your life more pleasant you need money.

Therefore, your goal doesn't have to be something distant as a 9% return on investment. It should be something tangible, which you need and desire.

A dream you want to achieve will cost you some discipline. You will have to forgo some other things for the purpose of achieving your dreams. For example, the next time you see that designer jacket that will cost you $200, ignore it and allocate the money in your investment account. It is worth doing this, because you will know that you will be rewarded through the achievement of your dream.

You will have to endure some minor sacrifices, but it is worth for the purpose of achieving your major goals.

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