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Your work surrounding researching potential stock candidates have been greatly facilitated by the wider use of the Internet. Now, you can more easily gather information, organize it into a meaningful way and make sense of it.

Most of the information available over the Internet can be accessed without the use of any special software. However, many investors have found that the application of such further facilitates and improves the research and organization process.

You can select from a number of solutions. One of them is software packages that can be downloaded free of charge. Another possibility is to purchase such a software package that provides richer database of services. Additionally, you can subscribe to the many sources without having to use any special software.

Some of the options you have include:

  1. Stock Screeners and Newsletters

    You can provide yourself with software that is free of charge or costs a symbolic amount of money. Some of them include stock screeners and newsletters.

    However, you should approach downloading free stock screeners with great caution since they may be infected by different viruses or worms that can damage your system.

    You should select software packages that enjoy good rating.

  2. Personal Finance Packages

    If you need software that will collect and organize all of your financial data in one place, then you should consider the option of obtaining a personal finance package. It will organize information from your bank accounts, credit cards and other accounts you have.

    They may include some tax preparation software, which will additionally facilitate your work when you have to file your tax bills.

    Additionally, some software packages include the ability to manage your investment portfolio by going directly online and making the necessary adjustments. You can find such personal finance packages at a reasonable price.

  3. Advanced Software

    Another software possibility you should consider includes packages that provide more complicated capabilities such as regression calculations and drawing of graphs.

    However, such software usually doesn't come for free and most of the times you are required to pay a subscription fee, especially if you want to be provided with up to date information.

    Several software packages provide real-time price quotes, which can be significantly useful to day traders. Additionally, you should remember that the closer the software comes to the real capabilities of a broker, the higher the price goes. However, if you are executing trades every day, it may be worth the price.

    Additionally, if you are just making your steps in the investment world avoid using such software since it is not that simple and requires some additional knowledge. You may become confused and overloaded with the tons of information that you are provided.

To be a successful investor you need two main things - the knowledge and the right trading platform.
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