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Stock Research Sources

The stock field is full of sources that provide information on different aspects of the market and the related news.

You can choose among myriads of online sources, specialized magazines and TV channels that have focused on the provision of news about the stock market. Thus, you have access to information that was not available to previous generations of stock investors.

On the other hand, not all information is of reliable character. Thus, you should be able to filter information that is not trustworthy. In their attempt to attract readers' attention many content providers have applied different techniques, which most of the time deviate from the reliability of the presented information.

When you start looking for stock information source you should make a careful consideration of the source and the motives behind its existence. The latter may range from selling of advertisements to selling of different products and services.

You should also keep in mind that some sources are linked to companies. This may result in a biased presentation of the information in order to push you at purchasing the product or service the company offers. Thus, it will provide only positive information about the target product in an attempt to sell it to you.

On the other hand, the law requires that companies that sell registered securities meet certain requirements concerning the information they can present. Thus, such websites may be viewed as a more objective source of information.

Some of the websites you can use to derive news regarding the stock market field are the Wall Street Journal, which is the one of the most popular ones in this field, and the, which provides detailed information on stocks and mutual funds. Both of these sources require a subscription, but a free trial period is offered.

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