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Positive Predictions on Interest Rates Move the Market

The stock market is influenced by many factors. One of them is news concerning interest rates changes. It has been observed that a good news regarding interest rates can compensate and fix the problems created by bad news.

One of this news comes from the room of the Fed. They have announced that soon the continuing increase in interest rates will be stopped.

Hearing this news, the market quickly experienced a positive movement. It even disregarded the record high closing price of oil of $71 per barrel.

Pushed by their desire to buy, investors were quick to response to the positive news from the Fed. It is still questionable how they have the courage to believe something that has not still taken place.

Since the time for earnings reports has come, the numbers are quite encouraging. There are some exceptions but the overall picture is good.

Since the nearing earnings reports are lighted with positive expectations, the market will potentially grow. Additionally, inflation concerns have been significantly alleviated.

In these overall cheering conditions, many investors fail to recognize the importance of rising oil prices, which was greatly intensified by the events taking place in the Middle East, especially the nuclear program of Iran.

The stock market will be probably turned back to balance if the oil prices are curbed in order to avoid high inflation rates. If this happens, investors will experience positive surprises.

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