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Strategies to Deal with a Weak US Dollar

Most Americans find the word weak related to the value of the US dollar as carrying negative implications.

But what exactly does a weak US dollar mean?

Generally, if the value of the US dollar is lower as compared to the value of other foreign currencies, then the US exports cost less on the foreign markets. On the other hand, the foreign goods and services that are imported in the USA are more expensive. As a result American consumers will have to pay more for goods and services produced by foreign producers.

These circumstances are interpreted as both an opportunity and as something bad for the economy and for investors in turn.

The resulting trade deficit may be interpreted as the sending of more capital overseas and jobs as well. This can be interpreted in a positive light. Since our exports enjoy lower cost they become more competitive on the foreign markets. As a result the local production may be stimulated.

So, a weak US dollar may be beneficial to US manufacturers who try to rival foreign competitors.

On the other hand, if such US manufacturers depend on the import of foreign parts in order to produce their products and services, they will suffer from a falling dollar.

The result of the consistent weaker dollar, widening trade and national deficit is potentially higher interest rates.

The result of rising short-term interest rates may be the increase in long-term bond interest rates. This in turn may lead to increase in the cost of using such long-term investment solutions as mortgages and others.

Prepare a Strategy against the Falling Dollar

Many foreign governments have tried to fix the falling US dollar by purchasing more US Treasury notes. These actions have managed to decrease the falling dollar's speed to a certain degree, but the US dollar continues to experience a downward trend.

No expert can say for sure how long the US dollar will continue to fall or what level it will reach. Thus, being an educated investor requires you to construct an appropriate strategy to meet the movements of the US dollar.

Strategy 1

One of the things you can do is to consider the investment in companies that have out of the US borders operations. As a result you will be able to benefit from the differences in the currency valuations.

Strategy 2

Consider the investment in domestic companies that eventually may benefit from the falling US dollar in terms of becoming more competitive. The falling dollar may result in the bringing back of companies that have experienced marginal profitability.

Strategy 3

You should consider some investment strategies which include the assumption that the interest rates will rise in case you are holding low-interest bonds.

Strategy 4

A final step that you can take if you think that the economy is about to get in a real trouble, is to direct your attention to gold. This hard investment has proved its viability throughout the history especially when the economy has suffered some of its worst times.

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