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Stock Market Prices and Buying Strategies

Before you make a decision about the purchase of a particular stock you should do an extensive research and analysis of the company that issues the stock. During your preliminary study, however, the price of the selected stock may start to increase.

This increase may be caused by a major breakthrough in the industry or an announcement about the company, which makes the stock a hot deal. Additionally, even a small positive comment about the company may lead to the turning of traders' attention toward the particular stock.

Once the future increase in the price of the stock is sensed, traders may pile up to further drive the price up. The opposite process may be implemented for the purposes of decreasing the price of the stock.

Initially you have selected the stock so that you can participate in its growth. However, now that the price of the stock has started to increase, you are deprived of investment premise for executing the trade.

The good news that has increased the price of the company's stock has led to the mismatch between the actual value of the stock and the market price.

Nevertheless, if you still decide to make the trade you will no longer be an investor but a speculator. This is so since you haven't bought the stock because of its potential for growth. The stock's price was artificially inflated by speculation.

On the other hand, the opposite may happen, namely that the price of the selected stock falls. You can only benefit from this since you will be able to purchase the stock at a lower price. However, you should see whether the fall was not due to some inner company problem which may reflect in one way or another on your future returns.

If no problems can be found within the company, a stock with a falling price may represent a good long-term investment. However, you should not jump into the deal, but instead make all the necessary investigations so that you decrease the possibility of investment failure.

Final Piece of Advice

Make investments that meet the results of your researches. If the market shows that you should follow another investment strategy that doesn't conform to your research, double-check the latter and proceed according to the results.

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