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Investing According to Dow Jones Industrial Average

Many average investors are confused about the exact meaning and impact of the Dow. Investors that invest in index mutual funds or exchange traded funds, which follow the behavior of the Dow will be extremely satisfied to hear when the Dow has hit a high record. However, for the rest it will not be of such a joy.

Many financial experts attach to the meaning of the Dow only psychological meaning. For instance, if an investor has sustained losses due to the downturn of the market, the low values of the Dow will mean that it is time to get back in the game. However, this may not be an omen of a future upturn, since by its nature the market may surprise them and continue to fall.

One of the factors that played a role in the record-breaking Dow run was the fall in the prices of oil. This fall was estimated to by four percent and as a result in some states the one gallon of gasoline was a dollar less as compared to the price levels experienced the year before.

There has been an impact on the prices of natural gas as well, which was good news for the households that felt the effect on their budgets.

The Dow's movements in the market have a little meaning in terms of dollars and cents. However, it is an omen of confidence for those institutional investors who have parked their money in large-cap, blue chip stocks that constitute the Dow. Additionally, a favorable performance of the Dow also has a good meaning to individual investors.

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