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Down Market and Discounted Stock Opportunities

The overall pessimistic mood and the decreasing prices of a down market tend to drive investors into making reckless selling decisions, without providing the viable reasons for doing so. Most of them hurry to go out of it in order to minimize their losses. However, it is sometimes better to look around for some discounted stocks that may represent good investment bargains.

When the market media starts to spread news on coming down market, most investors are deeply touched and influenced by selling their stocks and investing in "safer" solutions. However, as the mood becomes more optimistic, investors jump back into the market and start to purchase stocks.

The controversy is that investors run away from the market when the prices are low, and hurry back to it when the prices rise.

What this means is that investors sell low and buy high.

An educated investor will never sell a stock without first finding the reason for the decline in the price. S/he makes a careful analysis before taking any trading actions. Some of the factors such an investor will consider include:

  • Company change
  • Company's market change
  • Regulatory or legal change

As you can see different considerations should be made before you take any investment decision.

If you cannot find much information on the target company, look at the market into which the company operates.

Generally, a down market tends to decrease stock prices, whereas an up market tends to increase overall prices. However, this is not a must so you should be ready for surprises.

A down market has its advantages. Namely, you can go around and shop for some discounted stocks, which eventually may provide you with great profits. An educated investor will be able to select a company on the basis of its business fundamentals.

So, you should be able to make a distinction between a price that has fallen due to a down market and a price that has decreased since there are problems in the fundamentals of the company.

If you make the necessary preliminary studies you will be able to select stocks that later in time will provide you with good returns.

As far as the business fundamentals of a company are stable, the decrease in the price of a stock due to a down market should not discourage you from investing.

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