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Stock Price Forecast

There are many attitudes toward the movement in the price of a stock.

For example some claim that if the price of the stock starts to fall it will continue to do so, whereas if the price of a stock starts to rise it will continue to do so as well.

On the other hand, others hold the more optimistic view that every fall of a stock's price will be followed by a rise.

Generally investors try to forecast the movement of stocks in a particular direction. Those who believe in the first claim will immediately try to purchase the stock when they see that it has experienced a significant increase in its price, thinking that it will continue to rise for the years to come.

However, a failure to make a preliminary research may result in losses since the price of the stock may have been pushed well above its intrinsic value. As a result the investors who were the first to purchase the stock may sell it and enjoy their profits, leaving you with painful losses.

Records show that only few stocks, if any at all, are capable of maintaining the same rapid growth over long periods of time. This is caused by the fact that once a company has reached larger dimensions, its ability to sustain the same growth rates is highly hampered due to its larger size.

Eventually, the inability of the company to keep pace of the rapid growth rates may lead to many investors selling the stock once the first quarter of negative results is experienced. Their attitude is again explained by their belief that once the stock has started to decrease it will continue to do so in the future.

Thus, a preliminary study on the activities should be done in order to avoid the dumping of a stock only because few bad numbers have been experienced. The information of the company's business will provide you with the ability of determining whether this is just a temporary event or a condition that will last longer and even deteriorate.

Once you are familiar with the company's business you will be able to forecast whether the problem that has occurred will be solved. However, you should not wait too much time for the correction if the chances of fixing the problem are minor. Then it will be a good idea to sell the stock until it has not become too late. You should carefully consider the potential of the management to deal with the difficult conditions that have arisen.

Finally, avoid considering the current direction of a stock as a movement that will continue forever. Study the company's business activity in order to determine whether this is a current state or a consistent losing position.

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