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Stock Value Focus

Typically, in the focus of the media attention is the movement of stock prices. After a change has occurred the media starts to give explanations on the reasons why this has happened.

Additionally, attention is given to the sector or index movements and the amount of these changes. Some of the reasons for the price change do hold truth. However, some reasons that are pointed out are subject to emotional influence dictated by the general volatility of the market.

Investors that have a focus on the short term are most sensitive to news about a change in the price of a particular stock.

However, you should be aware that price and value are different concepts and they should not be confused. For investors value is what matters. When they look at a company's value, investors determine its ability to generate returns over long periods of time.

Financial strength, growth potential and market dominance are some of the factors that play a role in the construction of the value of a stock.

Thus, when the price of a stock changes its value on daily basis we observe volatility not stock value change. As a result such fluctuations are of a little concern to investors, but only if they are dictated by such market conditions as inflation reports, prices of oil and etc.

Such market conditions generally don't have influence over the value of the stock even though they may be reflected as in the price. Since the real value of the stock remains the same, the ability of the company to generate returns is not changed.

However, there are other market conditions besides the one mentioned above that do have an influence over the value of the stock. Thus you should keep a close eye on them in order not to end up with suffering returns.

Finally, you should try to shun the daily market chatter and be able to filter out what can really have an impact on your investment. In the mean time you should focus on the investment in quality companies disregarding the day-to-day fluctuations of the prices.

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